…I sat in a hotel room in Toronto, amidst the FITC conference (just like I’m doing right now). I had given my notice of resignation to my corporate employer, and we had decided to move back to Chicago. Much of my digital attention was focused on ways to be more productive and make the best use of my soon-to-be-flexible schedule.43Folders is one of my favorite sources for digital productivity tips, and it was from that site that I first caught wind of 4HWW.

I wanted to work full-time on my own projects, teach some classes at my graduate school, travel, and return to my entrepreneurial roots as a speaker at my undergraduate university. Forgive me the self-indulgence of retrospection, but it’s been rare for me to set goals like that and actually achieve them in a timely fashion. Suffice it to say that we couldn’t have asked for more. We feel very fortunate that we can keep our lives headed in this direction.

The coming year is going to be a wild ride for us. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!