10 years ago I took a college class that inspired me. Each week we listened to entrepreneurs tell their stories. The only assignment for the class was to read the E-myth Revisited and write a short paper. I used to think to myself “someday I’m going to come back here and speak.”

Last week I did it. It was under much different circumstances than I pictured 10 years ago; I originally thought I’d wait until I was a mid-40’s billionaire astronaut cowboy who flies helicopters and races sports cars. But I wanted to give the students a little different perspective. I hope I succeeded. Whatever the case, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Outsourcing starts at around the 20-minute mark. Credit is given to some of my important influences during the intro.

It was especially nice having my wife there. We’ve been married 7 years, and she’s never been able to attend any of my presentations!