I had an enjoyable interview with Francine Kopun last month, and this morning her story on personal outsourcing ran on The Toronto Star. Here’s a quote:

“I think a lot of the professional world is overwhelmed and has enough disposable income to spend to gain a few hours of their week back,” says Jed Wood, 30, a Web entrepreneur who hired a remote personal assistant in India when he moved to Chicago last summer. The assistant screened 50 apartment listings on Craigslist and set up appointments for viewing.

It worked out well enough that Wood is setting up his own, U.S.-based service called HavingThingsDone.com, employing university students at a starting salary of $8 an hour.

She left out the main reason I made the leap from a GetFriday client to starting our own service, but I won’t complain.

I’ve got plenty of news and tidbits to share in the coming couple of weeks, so things will be a little “noisy” around here!