Most of the time, outsourcing is well worth it. Occasionally, there will be a glitches of miscommunication that you chalk up to lessons learned. But every great once in a while, it all comes together; fate gives you a big toothy grin and the results are better than you ever expected…

Here was my original request:

I’d like to take my wife to either an evening or a matinee (daytime) show of Wicked in Chicago within the next two weeks. Please give me the basic prices and availability for buying direct from the theater. Also do a quick check on Craigslist for any decent offers.

And here was the response:

The prices vary based on the seat, and the day. If you go during the
week (tuesday through thursday) the prices range from $32 (per ticket)
for the upper balcony to $85 for the front row. If you go on a weekend
(friday through sunday) the prices range from $37 for the upper
balcony to $90 for the front row. I am not sure that these are the
right prices, however, because on craigslist wicked tickets are selling
for over $100, but those prices are taken directly from the Wicked,
Chicago website

There are a pair of tickets for sale on craigslist for $89 each, but
they aren’t front row.

I also happen to know about a little local secret. There is a drawing
held before each evening show, where if you win you can get one or two
$90, front row tickets for only $25 each. They only draw 10 people,
but it’s worth a try. Check this website for details.

You can probably guess what comes next…

I asked Hank to show up for that drawing each day he was able to for the next week. But he only had to go once. He won tickets that first evening.

My wife and I tucked our daughter in bed and had a neighbor come over to the house. We drove downtown, pulled up in front of the theater, exchanged our car keys for tickets on row B, and Hank took the car back home to relieve our neighbor from holding down the fort.

Hank moves back home to California in a month, after which he’s headed off to Hawaii for college. I know he’ll continue to do great “virtual” work for us, but I’ll certainly miss having a local!