Interview: Toronto Star


I had an enjoyable interview with Francine Kopun last month, and this morning her story on personal outsourcing ran on The Toronto Star. Here’s a quote:

“I think a lot of the professional world is overwhelmed and has enough disposable income to spend to gain a few hours of their week back,” says Jed Wood, 30, a Web entrepreneur who hired a remote personal assistant in India when he moved to Chicago last summer. The assistant screened 50 apartment listings on Craigslist and set up appointments for viewing.

It worked out well enough that Wood is setting up his own, U.S.-based service called, employing university students at a starting salary of $8 an hour.

She left out the main reason I made the leap from a GetFriday client to starting our own service, but I won’t complain.

I’ve got plenty of news and tidbits to share in the coming couple of weeks, so things will be a little “noisy” around here!

Outsourced Wednesdays


Each Wednesday I’ll be posting actual task requests I’ve made to my assistant, including his response. In addition to sparking ideas for what to outsource, hopefully it’ll highlight aspects of what makes for effective (and less effective) task definition and communication. So let’s get started…

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Tricks with Grand Central (Modern Phone part 1/3)

Tech Tips

In keeping with the main goal of this site, I’ve been playing with several phone technologies during the past 6 months (inspired by this post from Tim I’ll be sharing my experiences, starting with Grand Central.

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Report of Remote Working Experiment #1

Family, Travel

We’re now back in the US of A after our 2-month adventure in Mexico. Before grandma’s fruit cake alters my memory of the experience, I thought I’d share a few successes, failures, and lessons learned.
Our overriding goal was simple: live in Mexico for 2 months, and see how well we can keep up our [...]

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GetFriday Alternative Makes the New York Times

Entrepreneurship, In print, Outsourcing

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a nice fellow named Dan Fost. He was originally interested in hearing about my experience in shifting from GetFriday to a domestic assistant. In the course of our conversation, I ended up filling him in on the secret little business that we’ve been scheming on over [...]

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Work hard, play hard, rest hard

Philosophy, Travel

We’re now two weeks into our two month Mexican excursion, and I’ve been doing my best to apply that motto.

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Work for Hire: In defense of an hourly wage


One of common threads that runs from E-Myth to Rich Dad, Poor Dad to 4HWW is the encouragement to get yourself on a path of passive income; move away from income sources that require you to work for every dollar. I agree with the goal in general, but I’m taking a slightly different approach to achieve it.

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3 Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed


When we made the break from the corporate world, we thought we had insurance all figured out. Then we got thrown for a loop. After a lot of research and paper work, things are now even better than we originally planned.

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Birthday Gift To Self: 30 lbs for 30 yrs

4-Hour Body

Last time I checked in I was down 18 lbs. Today I’ve hit my milestone of turning 30 years old, and it turns out that I’m down 30 pounds. I had several pairs of pants sitting in a “to donate” box that are now back in my closet! I have this funny idea in my [...]

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Process vs Outcome


Any effort that has self-glorification as its final endpoint is bound to end in

– Robert Pirsig, from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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