10 years ago, while in Canada on a service mission, I served around a guy that never seemed to stop. He had incredible energy and drive. It was the same whether he was working or not.

One night he crashed at our apartment. In the morning I was surprised at how he struggled to wake up. I just assumed he was some kind of insomniac. I teased him a bit about being lazy, and he shared his life motto with me:

Work hard, play hard, rest hard

We’re now two weeks into our two month Mexican excursion, and I’ve been doing my best to apply that motto. I don’t have any tangible examples or formula- it’s just matter of keeping an overall sense of deliberateness about what you do. It’s related to other GTD and 4HWW principles of avoiding distraction, fighting procrastination, and being focused on your goals, even if that goal is to rest and relax. I’ve kept my same wacky schedule, but somehow I just seem to be getting more out of each day; more productive work, more time with my family, solid rest, and even some hard playing. Perhaps it’s just the change of scenery and being away from home.

Or maybe its the street tacos :)