Birthday Gift To Self: 30 lbs for 30 yrs

4-Hour Body

Last time I checked in I was down 18 lbs. Today I’ve hit my milestone of turning 30 years old, and it turns out that I’m down 30 pounds. I had several pairs of pants sitting in a “to donate” box that are now back in my closet! I have this funny idea in my head that it’s important for me to hit my thirties on the right trajectory– as if being overweight as I cross out of my twenties would leave me stuck there forever. Fortunately I won’t have to find out.

My next physical goal is to get into better cardiovascular condition. I’m getting stronger and obviously losing some fat, but when I went mountain biking with my 66-year-old father this summer, he set a pace that had me sucking wind like I had emphysema. I’ll attribute at least part of it to the altitude difference, but that still shouldn’t happen to a 29-year-old. :)

4-Hour Body: 1 Month Report

4-Hour Body

It’s been just over a month since I started the diet and exercise plan Tim outlines on the 4HWW site. Unfortunately I didn’t get my body fat percentage tested before hand, so I can’t give as detailed a reports as I’d like. However, I have lost 18 pounds and I lift more weight than when [...]

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